10.4 Temporary Signs Allowed Without Permit

10.4.1 On-Premise Real Estate Sign

In residential districts on projects not involving multiple lots, such signs shall not exceed six (6) square feet in area and four (4) feet in height and are limited to one (1) per lot. In all other circumstances, such signs shall not exceed thirty-two (32) square feet in area and eight (8) feet in height. The sign shall be removed prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Compliance or within fifteen (15) days after closing or execution of a lease.

10.4.2 Off-Premise Real Estate Sign

(1) Signs that solely provide directional information regarding the sale or lease of residential property.

(2) The signs contain only directional information [i.e., directional arrows, “left 100 yards”, “2nd right”, etc.] and “house for rent”, “open house”, “new house(s) for sale” or the name of the project. Other information such as the name of a builder or real estate company is prohibited.

(3) The signs shall be temporary signs on white background, unlit, and limited to two (2) square feet per side for a single user. The sign message may be placed on each side of the sign. The signs shall not exceed four (4) feet in height and shall not obstruct vision clearances.

(a) In order to avoid the placement of a series of signs along several miles of roadway, no more than five (5) signs shall be allowed per project or per property when a single dwelling is for sale or rent. Signs shall be placed no farther one (1) mile from the project or property for which directions are given.

(b) Each user is allowed only one (1) sign per intersection.

(c) Signs for properties for sale or lease shall be removed when a contract is closed on the last property for sale or lease in the project.

(d) To encourage assistance in compliance with these requirements, the Director of Development Services, or designee, may notify the Board of Realtors or the Home Builders Association regarding violations of these provisions.

10.4.3 Public/Nonprofit Announcement Sign

May be erected up to two (2) weeks prior to the event and shall be removed within seven (7) days after the event.

10.4.4 Setback Requirements

No temporary sign shall be placed or erected within the right-of-way of any street, or within fifteen (15) feet of any curb line or street edge. Temporary signs which do not meet the setback requirements may be removed by city staff without notice.