6.10 Infill Development

6.10.1 Applicability: This section shall apply to any residential or non-residential development located on a site of two (2) acres or less that is surrounded on all sides by existing development of the same general type. Development of parcels in compliance with the standards of this section shall not be required to obtain variance under the provisions of Section 12.16. Infill development on sites greater than two acres shall be reviewed under the provisions of Sections 12.4.2 and 12.4.3.
6.10.2 Lot Width: The minimum width of a lot shall be the smaller of the average width of adjacent lots fronting on the same block; or the average of the widths of all other lots fronting on the same block.
6.10.3 Setbacks The minimum front setback shall be the average front setback of the two (2) adjoining parcels, if both parcels are developed and share the same zoning district as the parcel proposed for development; or The average front setback of all developed parcels in the same block face and the same zoning district as the parcel proposed for development, if either of the adjoining parcels is not developed. Side setbacks shall not be less than the side setback of adjoining developed property.
6.10.4 Landscaping: Infill development shall continue the pattern of street trees that has been established on parcels within one hundred-fifty (150) feet of the parcel to be developed.
6.10.5 Buildings: The context area for standards in this section shall consist of the same property, adjacent properties, and other properties facing the same street segment.
(1) New construction shall not exceed the average building width for existing structures in the context area by more than twenty-five percent (25%), unless a building articulation of at least six (6) feet in depth at a point that matches the average building width in the context area is provided.
(2) The maximum height of new buildings shall not exceed the lesser of the following:
(a) The maximum height permitted by the zoning district; or
(b) Twenty-five percent (25%) above the height of any adjacent structure, except for those portions of the new or modified structure that lie more than twenty-five (25) feet from the existing adjacent structure.
6.10.6 Vehicular Access: The placement, orientation and access of garages and parking areas shall match the prevailing characteristics of similar structures in the context area.
6.10.7 Post Disaster Infill: In the event of a natural or man-made disaster in which a substantial portion of existing structures are destroyed or substantially damaged, the City Council may, on the recommendation of the Director of Development Services, designate districts in which new development or reconstruction:
(1) May maintain the prevailing development standards prior to the disaster;
(2) Shall maintain the prevailing development standards prior to the disaster; or
(3) Shall meet the current development standards of the applicable zoning district(s).

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