Development Services

Development Services is the heartbeat of economic development, engineering, neighborhood development and permitting in city government.

Shane Hooper is director of Development Services.

Divisions of this department are listed below.

Development Code

Chapter-by-Chapter ( 1-7)


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1.1 Title; Effective Date
1.2 General Purpose and Authority
1.3 Official Map of Zoning Districts
1.4 Jurisdiction and Applicability
1.5 Transitional Rules
1.6 Previously Granted Variances and Conditional Uses
1.7 Previously Approved Subdivisions
1.8 Previously Issued Building Permits
1.9 Severability

2.1 General Rules of Construction
2.2 Interpretation of District Boundaries
2.3 Conflict or Inconsistency with Other Laws, Covenants, or Deed Restrictions
2.4 Definitions

3.1 City Council
3.2 Planning Committee
3.3 Staff Agencies

4.1 Purpose and Intent
4.2 Relationship to Overlay Districts
4.3 Allowable Uses, Compatible Uses, Flexible Uses, and Prohibition of Uses Not Expressly Listed
4.4 Annexed Lands
4.5 Zoning Map
4.6 Agriculture/Open Space Protection (A/O)
4.7 Low-Density Residential (LDR)
4.8 Medium-Density Residential (MDR)
4.9 Mixed-Use Residential (MUR)
4.10 Mixed-Use Downtown (MUD)
4.11 Mixed-Use Commercial Corridor (MUCC)
4.12 Mixed-Use Activity Center (MUAC)
4.13 Mixed-Use Employment (MUE)
4.14 Regional Commercial (RC)
4.15 Industrial (I)
4.16 General Development Standards Table

5.1 Purpose and Applicability
5.2 Use Regulations
5.3 Mixed Use Downtown Overlay District
5.4 Watershed or Drainage Basin Overlay District
5.5 Joyner Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District
5.6 Sharon Hills Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District
5.7 Bel Air Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District
5.8 West Jackson Neighborhood Redevelopment Overlay District
5.9 Winfield Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District

6.1 Purpose and Relationship to Comprehensive Plan
6.2 General Provisions
6.3 Development Design Standards
6.4 Building Design Standards
6.5 Transitional Features
6.6 Open Space
6.7 Stormwater Management
6.8 Streets and Transportation
6.9 Utilities
6.10 Infill

7.1 Purpose of Accessory Structures and Uses
7.2 Standards for Accessory Structures
7.3 Review of Accessory Structures
7.4 Accessory Dwelling Units
7.5 Fences and Walls
7.6 Swimming Pools
7.7 Standards for Accessory Uses
7.8 Temporary Structures, Uses, and Events

Development Code

Chapter-by-Chapter (8-14)


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8.1 General
8.2 Basic Standards
8.2 Off-Street Parking Standards Table
8.3 Improvement, Design and Location Standards

9.1 General
9.2 Landscape Design Principles
9.3 Plant Types and Materials
9.4 Landscape Plans
9.5 Street Trees
9.6 Screening
9.7 Vehicular Use Area Landscaping
9.8 Existing Vegetation Credits
9.9 Project Boundary Buffers
9.10 Riparian Buffers
9.11 Tree Protection and Tree Coverage Preservation
9.12 Installation and Maintenance

10.1 General
10.2 Interpretations and Definitions
10.3 Sign Standards
10.4 Temporary Signs Allowed Without Permit
10.5 Permanent Signs Allowed Without Permit
10.6 Temporary Signs Requiring Permit
10.7 Permanent Signs Requiring Permit
10.8 Flexibility and Variances
10.9 Prohibited Signs
10.10 Abandoned Signs
10.11 Non-conforming Signs

11.1 Adult Entertainment Establishment
11.2 Beer and Light Wine Sales
11.3 Manufactured or Mobile Home Subdivision
11.4 Telecommunications Tower
11.5 Truck Stop
11.6 Community Appearance and Property Maintenance Standards
11.7 Subsurface Conditions
11.8 Congregate Living Facilities

12.1 Interpretation
12.2 Common Review Procedures
12.3 Notice and Public Hearings
12.4 Development Review Checklist Procedure
12.5 Traffic Impact Analysis
12.6 Transportation Special Use Permit
12.7 Comprehensive Plan Adoption or Amendment
12.8 Zoning Map Change
12.9 Development Plan
12.10 Subdivision
12.11 Site Plan
12.12 Compatible and Flexible Use
12.13 Sign Permit
12.14 Temporary Use Permit
12.15 Home Occupation
12.16 Variances and Administrative Adjustments
12.17 Appeals

13.1 Purpose and Intent
13.2 Violations
13.3 Responsible Persons
13.4 Enforcement
13.5 Remedies and Penalties

14.1 Purpose and Scope
14.2 Nonconforming Uses
14.3 Nonconforming Structures
14.4 Nonconforming Lots of Record
14.5 Change, Re-establishment, Expansion, Alteration or Major Repair

Applications for Permits, Fees

Commercial Certificate of Occupancy

Click here for an application for a Commercial Certificate of Occupancy.

Development Services Divisions


The Planning Division works with citizens and community leaders to build a consensus on how the city should grow, both in the short- and long-term.

Here are the subdivisions:

  • Fee Schedules Click here for a list of fees associated with zoning, construction, building and permits.
  • Zoning

    Zoning regulates what uses can go where and development standards that determine how new development must be built. The purpose of establishing zoning designations within a community is to ensure that neighboring land uses be compatible with one another.

    Zoning Forms: If you seek a zoning variance, please click on the appropriate link below, fill out the form, and email it to Marilyn Vail in zoning, or print the document and hand-deliver to Development Services, 3rd Floor, Tupelo City Hall, 71 East Troy Street, Tupelo, MS or mail it to Zoning, Development Services, City of Tupelo, P.O. Box 1485 Tupelo, MS 38802-1485.

  • Neighborhood Associations

    A neighborhood association is a group of homeowners, renters, apartment dwellers, and representatives from neighborhood businesses, churches, and schools who organize to improve conditions in the neighborhood.

    As members of an active neighborhood association, the people in your neighborhood decide what needs to be done and work together to make those things happen.

  • Enviromental Planning

    Environmental Planning consists of:

    • Developing land-use plans, including parks, preserves and environmentally friendly housing developments;
    • Establishing planning policies for future development;
    • Reviewing development applications for environmental impacts;
    • Recommending zoning regulations with environmental health in mind;
    • Consulting with public, private and nonprofit agencies

  • Codes Enforcement

    Its mission is to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment through administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program to correct violations of municipal code; working with residents, neighborhood associations, public services agencies and other City departments.


The structural integrity of buildings and safety of occupants in buildings are of paramount concern. This division issues permits for buildings, reviews construction plans to ensure they meet Development Code standards, and inspects buildings for compliance.

Here are the subdivisions:

  • 2012 International Codes

    The City Council has voted - based on recommendations of the License Commission - to adopt the 2012 International Code series to replace the previous 2006 codes, with the following exceptions:

    • In the 2012 Residential Code, the requirement for fire protection sprinkler systems in one-and two-family dwellings is deleted.
    • The 2011 National Electrical Code is adopted to replace the 2005 Electrical Code, with amendment prohibiting the use of aluminum wire and the use of conductors smaller than #12AWG.

    The new codes adopted include the Fire Code, Building Code, Residential Code, Electrical Code, Plumbing Code, Mechanical Code, Fuel Gas Code, Property Maintenance Code, and Swimming Pool Code.

  • Permits Office

    Located on the third floor of City Hall at 71 East Troy Street, this office accepts applications and payments for permits, fees, and licenses for all but privilege licenses and fees for carport/yard sales.

    Please see the Permits, Licenses, and Fees section under "Information You Can Use" for payment schedules and applications.

    • Certificates of Occupancy

      The City of Tupelo requires the property owner or tenant to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy for the following:

      • New Businesses - Commercial and Home-Based
      • Existing businesses that are changing location
      • Residential Structures


      • Commercial:
        • Contact the Planning Department to complete an application that can be found Here.
        • The Planning Department will determine if the location for the business is in an appropriate zoning district.
        • The Planning Department will determine if a building inspection is required and schedule said inspection at the earliest available time.
        • Contact the Fire Department at 662-841-6439 to schedule a fire code inspection for a Certificate of Occupancy.
        • Present both inspection reports to the Planning Department.
        • Visit the City of tupelo Finance Office on the first floor of City Hall to obtain a Privilege Tax License. For more information about obtaining a Privilege Tax License, contact the City Clerk's office at 662-841-6505 or 662-841-6506.
        • Visit the Tupelo Water & Light Collections Office at 333 Court Street from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, to establish service. Provide copies of the business lease, Certificate of Occupancy, Fire Inspector's Report, and Privilege License.

        Other permits and licenses that may be required:

        • Building Permits: A building permit may be required if improvements or changes are being made to the building. The building inspector will determine the need during the Certificate of Occupancy inspection. The Certificate of Occupancy will not be issued until a final inspection is approved upon completion of the construction project.
        • Sign Permit: A sign permit is required for any new or altered wall or ground signs for a business. The size of permitted signs is determined by the location and zoning district of the business. Contact the Planning Department for more information.
        • Health Department Approval: A copy of an approved inspection report from the Health Department is required before a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued for all food service businesses and all day care businesses. Contact the Lee County Health Department 662-841-9096, for more information.
        • Sales Tax Number: A sales tax number can be obtained from the local office of the Mississippi State Tax Commission, 2610 Traceland Drive, Tupelo, MS, 662-842-4616.
      • Residential
        • A new residential construction is required to have a Certificate of Occupancy, but the construction permit acts as the Certificate of Occupancy application.
        • Contact Development Services to complete an application for a Certificate of Occupancy for Residential Rental only.
        • The Department of Development Services will determine if a building inspection is required and schedule said inspection at the earliest available time.
        • Present the inspection report to Development Services.
        • Visit the Tupelo Water & Light Collections Office at 333 Court Street from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, to establish service. Provide copies of the lease and Certificate of Occupancy.

        A building permit may be required if improvements or changes are being made to the building. The building inspector will determine the need during the Certificate of Occupancy inspection. The Certificate of Occupancy will not be issued until a final inspection is conducted at the completion of the construction project.

Engineering and GIS

The Engineering & GIS Division is responsible for maintaining the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS). Our GIS staff conducts day-to-day maintenance and updates to the Geographic Information System. GIS functions include addressing and street names and processing requests from the City and general public for paper and electronic data and maps. GIS databases includes Tax Parcels, Zoning, Land Use, Historic District boundaries, Existing Subdivisions, Street Centerlines, and Sewer and Water infrastructure.

All map requests are made through the CITY ENGINEER. Any map listed below is available to the public by filling out a Map Request Form. Once filled out please email or print and fax or mail to the City Engineer. All numbers and email are listed on the form.

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Zoning Applications

Permits, Licenses & Fees

Tupelo 2025 Comprehensive Plan

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