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City of Tupelo

Contractor License

Obtaining a City of Tupelo Contractor’s License

The City Of Tupelo monitors the construction industry by permitting, inspections and maintaining licensing for the following construction professionals.

Gas Contractors
General Contractors
Mechanical Contractors

Licensing is required for work that requires a Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas or Mechanical Permit.

Check with the Department of Development Services on specific projects.


Licensing may be obtained by meeting one of the following conditions:

  • Passing a Master Contractors’ Examination as provided by
    International Code Congress.
    The City of Tupelo uses the International Code Congress, Inc. (ICC) as their  testing service. ICC provides examinations several times a year at different sites across Mississippi. The exam costs $75 and an application is available in the Development Services Office. You may also obtain information from the website,

The City Of Tupelo only accepts a passing grade from the following ICC exams to obtain a contractor’s license by exam.

General Building Contractor
Master Gas Pipe Fitter
Master Mechanical Contractor
Master Electrical Contractor
Master Plumbing Contractor

  • Presenting a copy of a current state license as issued by the State Board of Public Contractors authorizing work for which the license is being requested. Contact the Mississippi State Board of Contractors at 1(800) 880-6161, or
    The State Board of Contractors has more license categories than the City of Tupelo. Each license is reviewed individually for transfer to a comparable City of Tupelo License. Sometimes a specialized limited license may be issued by the City of Tupelo.
  • Complying with Section 27-17-457 of the Mississippi Code.
    Mississippi Code 27-17-457 states that a mechanical or electrical contractor who has received a contractor’s license from another government agency under the following conditions may transfer his or her license:
Passed an exam that is equivalent to the exams used by the City of Tupelo
Held the license for over a year
Municipality or county government agency has a licensing board or commission.

Obtaining the license:

The City of Tupelo requires each contractor who meets one of the previous conditions to provide the following to the City of Tupelo Department of Development Services:

  • A City Of Tupelo Privilege Tax License in the name of the individual who holds the license for the company. For more information about obtaining a Privilege Tax License, contact the City Clerk will at (662) 841-6506.Section 27-17-457 of the Mississippi Code states that a contractor who is licensed in another municipality or county jurisdiction may not be required to purchase an additional privilege license provided that the following conditions are met:
    Passed an exam.
    Municipality or county government has a licensing board or commission.
    The contractor is not operating a separate place of business located in Tupelo.
  • A License and Permit bond in the name of the individual who holds the license for the company.
    The bond needs to be in the name of the individual who passed the examination or is listed as the qualifier on the company’s Certificate of Responsibility.
    The bond needs to have an expiration date of September 30 and the corresponding fiscal year period. The amounts are determined by the type of license.
Gas Contractor
General Building

*Gas Contractors who are also either a mechanical contractor or plumber may use one bond for both licenses.

Contact Gladys Ruff, Permit Office Manager, if you have any further questions regarding contractor licensing.

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