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Bryer Floyd with his "buddy" preparing to become a Tupleo firefighter.
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Bryer successfully completes his training.
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Tupelo Fire Chief Thomas Walker gives his approval and Bryer becomes "official"
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Mayor Jason Shelton after declaring Bryer a hero for putting out a fire at the BBQ Duel.
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Beyer back at Station #1 for a little lunch and relaxation.
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Heroes receive gifts, sometimes.
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Firefighter Bryer Floyd with the crew.

Fire Department

Since 1905 the Tupelo Fire Department has worked diligently to fulfill our simple mission statement: From fighting fires to providing directions, we attempt to solve problems when possible.

Daily activities include answering a wide variety of emergency calls, as well as providing fire and safety education opportunities.

Thomas Walker is chief of the Fire Department.

Information You Can Use

Emergency Services Division

Fire - When most people think of the responsibilities of a fire department, putting out fires is usually at the top of their lists. The Tupelo Fire Department handles all types of fires, from commercial business fires, fires in residential dwellings and vehicle fires. In addition, despite the relatively limited amount of rural areas in Tupelo, the TFD also responds to several wildland-type fires each year.

EMS - Many fire departments also respond to medical emergencies these days, and the Tupelo Fire Department Division of Fire and Emergency Services is no exception. The TFD operates an emergency medical service program always vigilant and ready to respond to the needs of the citizens and visitors of Tupelo. We continually strive to improve and expand the services we offer. Whether it is an emergency call to 911 or one of the many events we offer on-site standby in Fairpark or one of our multi-purpose sporting events, the Tupelo Fire Department is here when you call.

Hazmat - This division operates one of the foremost hazmat teams in the state. The team responds to all types of hazardous materials incidents, from simple fuel spills to major chemical leaks.

Technical Rescue - In the mid-1990s, the division added a specialized rescue service to its ranks and opened up membership to those firefighters who wanted to learn more in-depth techniques to handle special types of incidents. Operating under the TFD's special operations group, the team handles advanced vehicle extraction, trench rescue, high- and low-angle rope rescue, water rescue, confined space rescue, collapse rescue and both wilderness and urban search and rescue.