Human Resources

human-resources2The Human Resources Department provides a comprehensive program of information and support in the areas of training, compensation, benefits, and compliance with all local, state, and federal laws, rules and regulations for active and retired City of Tupelo employees.

The department's goal is to provide opportunities that promote the professional development of employees in a diverse municipal workforce by implementing policies and practices designed to promote an environment of mutual respect and equal opportunity.

The Human Resources Department performs five primary functions: advisory, compliance, payroll, retention and recruitment of employees, and service.

The City of Tupelo is an equal opportunity employer. As an equal opportunity employer, the City of Tupelo adheres to all federal laws, regulations and orders prohibiting discrimination based upon age, handicap, disability, race, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, or veteran status.

The Human Resources Director is Cassandra Moore.

Download an application HERE.

Download a summer application HERE.

Download the City of Tupelo Employee Handbook HERE.

Employee Self-Service Through MUNIS

City of Tupelo Employee Self-Service

City of Tupelo employees may now view current information such as the last 12 months of pay checks with images and the last four years of w2’s. There is a paycheck simulator to do what if’s and well as minor payroll changes such as address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and State and Federal withholdings. There is also a Total Compensation benefit statement.

Log in using your windows log in or if you do not have computer login, then your first initial, last name and last four digits of your Social Security number and, again, your last four digits of your Social Security number for your password.

Here is the link to follow: MUNIS Self-Service Link

FAQs About Applications and Benefits

Q. If health-related pretax payroll deductions are made, is it permissible to drop the deductions at any time?

A. No. Pretax deductions cannot be terminated unless there is a qualifying event. Contact the Human Resources Department for further information on what qualifies.

Q. How long may insurance benefits continue under COBRA.

A. Generally eighteen months. However, they may continue for thirty-six months under certain conditions.

Q. When is open enrollment?

A. January of each year.

Q. How do current employees apply for another position within the City of Tupelo?

A. All jobs are posted on the web page, advertised in the newspaper and posted on the bulletin board in each department. Employees may apply for any position he/she is interested in. There is no waiting period.

Q. When are employees eligible to use sick leave?

A. After the first six months of employment. Sick leave is earned during that period, but cannot be used.

Q. Is there a waiting period for enrollment in the insurance plan?

A. Yes. Insurance coverage is available to all fulltime employees the first of the month after thirty days of employment. For example, if an employee starts on February 15, insurance coverage will not be effective until April 1.

Q. How many people are employed by the City of Tupelo?

A. The City of Tupelo has 452 full-time positions.

Q: When are applications accepted at your office?

A: Applications are accepted between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Q: Do you have to complete a separate application for each position for which you are applying?

A: Yes. A separate application must be completed for each position for which you want consideration.

Q: Does HR accept applications for all departments of the city?

A: Yes. Applications for all city positions are processed through our office.

Q: Can I turn my application in to the department that has the vacancy?

A: Only applicants who turn in applications to the Human Resources Department will be considered for employment.

Q: How long do applications remain active?

A: Applications remain active for ninety (90) days.