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City of Tupelo

Therapeutic Recreation

What is Therapeutic Recreation?

Specialized application of recreation and experiential activities or
interventions that assist in maintaining or improving the health status,
functional capacities and ultimately the quality of life of person’s with
special needs.

Therapeutic Activity Group
Therapeutic Activity Group (TAG)  is open to all those with physical and mental disabilities. The group allows for participation in activities such as dances, games, arts/crafts, and other fun activities.

Call for more planned activities…..662-841-6440

What is Challenger League?

Challenger League is open to all ages 5 years old and older with physical and mental disabilities. This league is established to provide an athletic outlet for all individuals regardless of their abilities.

Three sports are offered through Challenger League!

Registration Dates: Challenger Basketball – Jan 13 – Feb 7, 2014

Start Date: Challenger Basketball – March  3  and runs through  April 14, 2014

Registration Date: Challenger Softball – March 24 – April 11, 2014

Start Date Challenger Softball – May 5- June 23, 2014

Registration Date: Top Soccer – July 14 – Aug. 8, 2014

TopSoccer – September 8- October 20, 2014

Day of Week: Mondays (1 day per week)

Cost: $10.00 (includes 6-7 games, uniform shirt, awards)

Tupelo Challengers Special Olympic Swim Team

Tupelo Parks and Recreation puts together a swim team to compete in the State Special Olympic Summer Games held at the Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS. Swimmers represent Area 11 of the Special Olympics. Swim team is a commitment to practice at least two times per week as they prepare for the Summer Games.

Begin Swim Practice: January 13th, 2014

Registration fee $25.00 per swimmer

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