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Tupelo Police Department

City of Tupelo


STEALTHStat is an innovation that tracks vehicles speed, time, and date.  This unique box is an enclosed waterproof computer radar machine.  While being portable it can be mounted on any pole to be camouflaged to look like any other box that the light department, telephone company or cable company may install.  This gives the STEALTHStat unbiased information of speeders in the area, as well as giving the Police Department more accurate information about speeders and the times in which they could be speeding.  STEALTHStat’s built in computer is able to give the average speed of all vehicles, the total number of vehicles, how fast 50 percent of the vehicles are traveling, how fast 85 percent of the vehicles are traveling, the slowest and fastest speeds, and a 10 mile pace of multiple vehicles in a group.  With all this information at our fingertips we can adjust to the needs of the community by targeting those times when speeding is at its worst and help reduce the total number of speeders on the roadway.  The Tupelo Police Department is committed to keeping its citizens safe on and off the road.

Click on your street to see what information we have obtained to date.  If you do not see your street listed and would like to have STEALTHStat placed on your street contact Lt. Tim Clouse at 662-841-6566 or e-mail at

Butler Rd
Feemster Lake
Elvis Presley
Endville Road
Gun Club
Martin Hill
Meadow Circle
Mt Vernon
S Green Near President
S. Thomas
Willie Moore Road
Mainstreet Downtown
N. Feemster Lake

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