Traffic Control

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  • Maintains, installs and repairs all traffic signs on City rights-of-way;
  • Maintains and installs all pavement markings within City rights-of-way, including center-lines, edge-lines, stop bars, railroad markings, and downtown parking space lines;
  • Provides traffic control for street repair/construction projects and during special events such as parades and festivals.

Vehicle Maintenance

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Responsible for maintenance on equipment and vehicles for the following departments:

  • Administrative Department
  • Fire Department
  • Police Department, including Narcotics, Municipal Court, and Litter Bus
  • Development Services Department
  • Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Public Works
  • The types of repairs range from minor, such as service work, to extensive, including major rebuilds.
  • This division works on various types of equipment and vehicles, from a weedeater to heavy machinery. An in-house body shop is dedicated to repairing, repainting, and restoring damaged vehicles. The body shop also installs special lighting, radios, and department decals.

  • Property Maintenance

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    • Maintains 25 City buildings;
    • Performs repairs on City buildings. These repairs range in size and complexity. Projects may include carpentry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and miscellaneous equipment.
    • Provides preventive maintenance on most City buildings and equipment. Responsible for scheduling renovations and repairs when needed.
    • Minor construction projects are performed by this division.
    • Maintains or administers janitorial services at several buildings owned by the City.
    • Maintains the Metro fuel center for all City vehicles and equipment.

    Street Clean-Up

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    The Public Works Department currently has two street sweepers in operation. The City is divided into sections; within these sections each street sweeper has a specific route. We strive to complete each route in a timely manner; however, during the fall months, each route may take significantly longer. During the fall, additional crews and equipment are added to expedite the process.

    Rights -of-Way & Grounds

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    • Rights-of-Way
      • This division is responsible for the roadside vegetation management program involving 343 miles of roadside.
      • Mows 1,200 acres of rights-of-way.
      • Approximately 600 acres of roadside are treated with herbicides for Bermuda release.
      • Approximately 350 acres of vacant properties are mowed and treated with the herbicide program for Bermuda release, thus reducing operating expenses.
      • Curb and gutter within the City is sprayed yearly.
    • Arborist Crew (Tree Care)
      • This division maintains all trees on City rights-of-way and public properties. Some trees require corrective pruning, cause visibility problems or create a hazard, resulting in removal.
    • Landscape Maintenance
      • Plants approximately 200 trees each year throughout the City.
      • Maintains 500 landscaped areas and approximately 50 acres of turf areas throughout the year.
      • Maintains the grounds and rose garden at City Hall.
      • Trims and maintains all ornamental shrubs and trees within City-maintained cemeteries.
      • Sprays beds weekly for weed control, beginning in February and going through November.
      • Waters all landscape areas and new trees throughout the City as needed.
    • Tree Farm
      • In 2006 the Public Works Department completed a tree farm on South Lawndale Road. The farm currently nurtures about 1,800 saplings. The goal is to ensure the tree canopy by having an inventory that includes each type of tree currently maintained by the City of Tupelo.
    • Cemetery Maintenance
      • This division is responsible for selling and recording cemetery plots. Cemetery plots may be purchased Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. A crew member responsible for selling cemetery plots and marking grave sites is on call every weekend and every holiday.
      • The cost for a cemetery plot is $250 and can be purchased through the Rights-of-Way and Grounds Division.
      • The City maintains four cemeteries, encompassing approximately 48.5 acres. They include:
        • Porters Cemetery
          • Located at the end of Lockridge Street.
          • Cemetery lots are available
        • Springhill Cemetery
          • Located on the east side of North Green Street
          • No cemetery lots are available
        • Tupelo Memorial Park and Gardens
          • Located on the west side of Joyner Avenue.
          • Cemetery lots are available
        • Glenwood Cemetery
          • Located on the northwest corner of North Green Street and East Jackson Street.
          • No cemetery lots are available.

    Street Maintenance

    • This division makes repairs to potholes, driveway tie-ins, and pavement throughout the City.
    • Oversees the milling and overlay of streets and the replacement of curb and gutter by contractors.
    • Maintains approximately 343 miles of City streets with the exception of the following, which are maintained by the Mississippi Department of Transportation::
      • Gloster Street
      • Highway 45
      • McCullough Boulevard
      • Highway 78
      • East Main Street at the Highway 45 interchange
      • East Main Street from the west side of Hillside Drive to the Skyline City Limits.


    • Constructs and maintains drainage systems throughout the City to allow adequate removal of storm water by means of open ditches, streets, curb inlets, culverts, box culverts, bridges, and other structures necessary to accomplish this task;
    • This division is also responsible for spraying herbicide to prevent vegetation from growing and thus hindering water flow within City-maintained ditches;
    • Residents are urged to keep hazardous materials and trash out of the storm water system to protect the quality of the rivers and streams and to prevent flooding.

    Brush & Debris Removal

    • The Brush Division operates five trucks. This crew removes large items from City rights-of-way, such as brush, trees, couches, refrigerators, and lumber that Waste Management cannot pick up.
    • The city is divided into four sections; within these sections, each truck has a specific route. Routes are covered at least one time monthly unless a natural disaster hinders our monthly routine.
      • Things the division does not pick up:
        • Paint cans;
        • Dead animals;
        • Leaves or pine needles (bagged or loose);
        • Rocks, bricks, concrete;
        • Scrap building material from demolition, or fire destruction;
        • Any bagged or boxed materials;
        • Mirrors, plate glass, glass doors;
        • Glass or plastic bottles;
        • Metal or plastic buckets or drums;
        • Food containers;
        • Any household garbage;
        • We do NOT pick up for:
          • Contractors
          • Builders
        • We do NOT pick up at:
          • Commercial buildings
          • Apartments
          • Churches
          • Schools
          • Vacant lots

        All piles of brush must be kept separate from any piles of trash.

        Mixed piles will not be picked up.

    Household Hazardous Waste Recycling

    The Public Works Department offers a service to citizens by providing a collection point for household hazardous waste products.

    Citizens may take these products to the Public Works Department, 604 Crossover Drive. A sign designating the drop-off point is located on the west end of the office building. Please place items on the available pallets. Collected materials will be recycled or disposed of properly.

    The following items may be placed in the recycling bins:

    • Newspaper and cardboard;
    • Aluminum and steel cans;
    • Plastic bottles #1 and #2 (number found on bottom of bottle, i.e., soft drink, milk, detergent, etc.)

    Items that CANNOT be placed in the recycling bins:

    • Oil/paint cans/aerosol cans/pie plates or ovenware;
    • Mirrors;
    • Foams/Styrofoam/plastic bags/toys/pesticides/motor oil bottles;
    • Bound or plastic wrappers.

    Mosquito Control

    • Mosquito spraying usually starts in early summer and lasts until early fall, depending on the weather.
    • The City of Tupelo can treat standing water with larvicide, depending upon the source and location of the water.
    • The large truck sprayer is used for call-in requests and regular routes throughout the neighborhoods.
    • Routes are typically sprayed between 7 and 10 p.m. daily. Call-ins are the first priority and are finished before the regular routes are started. To put your address on the spray list, please call 662-841-6457.
    • Click here for information about mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus.


    Director Chuck Williams - 841-6457

    General Office Line - Milena Nesbit - 841-6457

    Office Manager Amanda Daniel - 841-21910

    Streets, Drainage, and Traffic Control Supervisor Jason Rush - 841-6457

    Brush/Sweepers Supervisor Rudy Young - 841-6457

    R.O.W., Grounds & Cemetery - David Knight - 841-6457

    Building Maintenance Supervisor Mark Timmons - 841-6430

    Vehicle Shop Supervisor Alan Taylor - 841-6430

    Vehicle Shop Clerk Kristeen Rush - 841-6557

    Special Projects & Safety - Bobby Coghlan - 841-6457

    Fax Line - 841-6539

    Fax Line for Maintenance Shop - 840-5821