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Tupelo Public Works

City of Tupelo


Traffic Control

Street Maintenance

Drainage Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Brush & Debris Removal

Street Clean-up

Special Projects

Rights-Of-Way & Grounds


Street Maintenance

  • Makes daily repairs of potholes, driveway tie-ins, and paving sections of streets.
  • This division oversees the overlay and rebuilding of streets and the replacement of curb and gutter by contractors.
  • Maintains approximately 420 miles of City streets with the exception of the following which are maintained by the Mississippi Department of Transportation:
    • Gloster Street
    • Highway 45
    • McCullough Boulevard
    • Highway 78
    • West Main Street
    • East Main Street excluding the section from Gloster Street to Highway 45, which is maintained by the City.

Drainage Maintenance

  • Constructs and maintains drainage systems throughout the City to allow adequate removal of storm water by means of open ditches, streets, curb inlets, culverts, box culverts, bridges and other structures necessary to accomplish this task.
  • This division is also responsible for herbicide spraying to prevent vegetation from growing and thus hindering water flow within City maintained ditches.
  • The City of Tupelo strives to prevent pollution.  Residents are urged to keep hazardous materials and trash out of the storm water system to protect the quality of the rivers and streams and to prevent flooding.

Brush & Debris Removal

  • The Brush Division operates five trucks.  This crew removes large items that Waste Management cannot pick up such as brush, trees, couches, refrigerators, and lumber from the City rights-of-way.
  • The City is divided into four sections; within these sections, each truck has a specific route.  Routes within the four sections are covered at least one time monthly during Spring and Fall.  Between December and March the routes are covered weekly.
  • The City of Tupelo Public Works Department (662- 841-6457) is here to serve our citizens.  However, due to City Council guidelines and the Department of Environmental Quality requirements.

        List of things we DO NOT pick up.

  • Paint cans
  • Dead animals
  • Leaves or pine needles (bagged or loose)
  • Rocks, bricks, concrete
  • Scrap building material from demolition, or fire destruction
  • Any bagged or boxed materials
  • Mirrors, plate glass, glass doors
  • Glass or plastic bottles
  • Metal or plastic buckets or drums
  • Food containers
  • Any household garbage

        We do NOT pick up for:

  • Contractors
  • Builders

We do NOT pick up at:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Apartments
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Vacant lots

All piles of brush must be kept SEPARATE from any piles of trash. 

        Mixed piles will not be picked up!


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