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Section 4.9: Mixed-Use Residential District (MUR)

4.9.1 Purpose and Intent
The objective of the Mixed-Use Residential District (MUR) is intended to provide opportunities for new development and redevelopment in existing well-connected, centrally located neighborhoods. MUR standards will allow a diverse range of housing that is compatible with existing development patterns. A range of residential housing types may be permitted and will be the majority of new development, including detached single-family houses, duplexes, patio homes, townhomes, live/work units, or apartments. Some small scale commercial uses may be allowed on larger streets if the buildings are scaled to the neighborhood and the uses are those that are compatible with the neighborhood. These could include a church, small boutique clothing store, doctor’s office, day care center, coffee shop, or dry cleaner. The MUR district is intended to accommodate new growth in areas near activity centers and major streets and to allow for a vertical or horizontal mix of uses on sites. All new development and redevelopment will be pedestrian-oriented and shall be accessible via local streets to parks, schools, and nearby commercial centers. Development will be designed so that its form, height, and proportion are compatible with existing adjacent development.

4.9.2 Development Emphasis
The highest priority in the MUR district is to preserve the character of existing residential neighborhoods while accommodating some new and renovated housing units. The standards in this district will encourage the redevelopment of existing neighborhoods. It will allow infill residential development that respects the existing character of the neighborhoods. Many residents in these neighborhoods are already in walking distance of schools, parks, churches, and retail or restaurants. These standards will allow some limited new destinations to be built at a small, neighborhood scale, such as offices, coffee shops, or retail stores. All new development will be compatible with existing development patterns, including height and setbacks, and it will include street and pedestrian connectivity.
4.9.3 Flexibility Options
Compatibility is the most important goal. Therefore, where necessary to achieve compatibility, there may be adjustments to standards such as height or setback. In some cases a landscaped buffer may be replaced by architectural transition and pedestrian connections. Residential density may be increased on a collector or arterial street. In general, non-residential uses are permitted as part of a larger residential project. However, if a collector or arterial street already has some commercial uses, a non-residential project may be allowed if it is compatible with the existing area, conforms to design standards, and will enhance the value of the street. Minimum parking requirements may be reduced in locations that are safely accessible to pedestrians from nearby residential areas.
4.9.4 Development Standards

Minimum/Maximum Lot Size* –  3,000 sq. ft. min. for traditional housing; 5,000- 14,520 sq. ft. for other single family housing.
5,000 sq. ft. minimum/no maximum for multi-family housing or non-residential.
Minimum/Maximum Width* –  30 – 90 feet for single family housing.
50 feet minimum/no maximum for multi-family housing or non-residential.
Minimum/Maximum Front Setback –  10 – 30 feet
Minimum/Maximum Side Setback** –  No minimum/50 feet maximum
Minimum/Maximum Rear Setback 10 feet minimum/no maximum
Minimum/Maximum Height***:  3 stories
Minimum/Maximum Density****: Less than 30% for non-residential.
3/13 dwelling units per acre for residential.
Open Space Amenity: 5%
Maximum Floor Area Ratio: (non-residential) 0.5
*Existing parcels of land are exempt from minimum and maximum lot size and width requirements. A property owner will not be required to subdivide an existing parcel to conform to any minimum requirements.
** Residential units such as townhouses may be attached with a zero (0’) foot setback. A five (5’) foot minimum side setback shall be required on all other development.
*** Height limits do not apply to church spires, belfries, cupolas, or domes not used for human habitation, nor to chimneys, ventilators, skylights, parapet walls, cornices, solar energy systems, or necessary mechanical appurtenances usually located on the roof level, provided that such features are limited to the height necessary for their proper functioning and do not exceed the limitations of the airport hazard zoning regulations.
**** Existing parcels of land are exempt from minimum density requirements.
4.9.5 Uses Uses by Right – MUR
(1) Detached Dwelling
(2) Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)
(3) Patio Home/Zero-Lot-Line Home
(4) Townhouse
(5) Upper Story Residential Unit
(6) Bed and Breakfast
(7) Congregate Living 1˟
(8) Day Care Home, Large
(9) Day Care Home, Small
(10) Home Occupation
(11) Library
(12) Park and/or Open Space
(13) Satellite Dish Antennae
(14) Swimming Pool
˟Congregate Living structures or facilities of any classification may not be located less than two thousand five hundred (2,500) feet from an existing use of the same classification. Other Uses by Right – MUR
The following uses are allowed by right in MUR if located on a collector or arterial street and if part of a mixed-use development that consists of no more than thirty percent (30%) or up to five thousand (5,000) square feet of non-residential uses, whichever is less. If the project does not meet all of these standards it may be permitted by compatibility.
(1) Upper-Story Residential Unit
(2) Government Facility*
(3) Museum*
(4) Office
(5) Office, Medical
(6) Outdoor Display of Plants
(7) Public Safety Station*
(8) Recreation Facility, Indoor
(9) Retail Sales and/or Service
(10) Social and/or Community Service Facility
*These uses are exempt from the mixed-use development requirement. Uses by Compatibility – MUR
(1) Duplex Dwelling
(2) Day Care Center**
(3) Drinking Establishment**
(4) Educational Facility, College or University**
(5) Educational Facility, K-12
(6) Educational Facility, Vocational Training**
(7) Farmers Market
(10) Funeral Home**
(11) Golf Course and/or Country Club**
(12) Outdoor Dining**
(13) Place of Assembly and/or Worship**
(14) Recreation Facility, Outdoor**
(15) Restaurant without Drive-Through Service**
(16) Utility, Minor
(17) Veterinarian Clinic without Outdoor Kennel**
**Permitted by compatibility if part of a mixed-use development that is located on a collector or arterial street and consists of no more than thirty percent (30%) or up to five thousand (5,000) square feet of non-residential uses, whichever is less. If all of these conditions are not met, the use may be permitted by flexibility. Uses by Flexibility – MUR
(1) Apartment Development*
(2) Crematory
(3) Dog Kennel
(4) Home Business
(5) Hotel or Motel**
(6) Lifecare Community**
*Apartment developments of 8 units or less may be permitted on a major collector or arterial street. Apartment developments of more than 8 units may only be located on an arterial street.
**This use shall be permitted only on a major collector or arterial street.